Hello fellow crafty ones! My name is Jessica Larios. I consider myself the adventurous type, finding excitement in spontaneity and crafting. I enjoy meeting new people and doing all sorts of art! A little background, I grew up reading a lot of fantasy related literature leading me to appreciate mother nature which has always left me in awe and wonder. My journey began as a child and has blossomed over the years. I can remember sitting in my back yard starring at the beautiful fall leaves as they fell to the ground one by one as I was trying to draw and color them. Today, If I were to 'label' my style of crafting, I'd consider myself an up-cycle mixed media artist. I love to stamp, color, make cards, create scrapbook and journal pages, alter miscellaneous objects, and create beautiful works on canvas surfaces. I have a soft spot for steampunk/industry and our natural environment. My favorite way to enhance projects is using all-natural products to create texture, depth, and dimension. It’s an honor to work with you guys, I can’t thank you enough for this opportunity! I look forward to being inspired and likewise inspiring others. 


Jessica "Jesso" Larios

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